People always want to know what types of startups have the biggest potential in the market — to invest or even start a business in. During the last two months, I learned about original ideas and business models of various startups from applying for SWE intern roles and reading newsletters about startups (one of my must-dos every day). I observe 5 types of startups that show great demands from the market and have the potential of booming growth in 2021.

B2B SaaS

B2B (Business-to-Business) SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) are extremely popular these days, majorly due to the booming online co-working during the COVID-19. B2B…

I’ve always wanted to share my first intern as a frontend developer last summer at TechFin.AI. In this passage, I’m going to talk about my journey in this intern, what did I learn, and how does it inspire my future SWE career. Hopefully this can help frontend developers who are seeking for their first intern.

Application & Interview

Due to COVID-19 and unable to go to the campus, I stayed in Shenzhen, China for remote learning at home. After graduated from VMA (my high school), I decided to apply for an SWE intern for the summer before my college started. When I told…

Over the past weekend, I’ve attended my first hackathon ever at Hack On (now Off) the Hill, held by UCLA ACM x Hack. Through two days of hard work until 4am and a little frustrating ending, I want to review my first hackathon experience here and share some of my inspirations on where you can do better at a Hackathon.


The day before Hoth8 began, my team decided to have a meeting and discuss our idea. First thinking of lack of social during quarantine, Mark came up with the idea of a fun version of “YaoYiYao”, where two users shaking…

Jeffrey Yu

UCLA CS ’24 | SWE Intern @ Done., UCLA DevX | Former SWE Intern @ TechFin.AI

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